The Team


Chris McCroskey

Founder, Ideator

Prior to founding IdeaLoop, Chris was a Director for Rockfish Interactive and worked with clients such as WalMart and Sam’s Club. Chris is active in the worlds of social media and politics and is the co-founder of Tweet Congress, a website which initially began as a grassroots effort to encourage politicians on Capitol Hill to begin tweeting with constituents.Chris is an active speaker on the topics of social media, disruptive technologies and politics. Chris speaks regularly for the National Conference of State Legislatures, World Affairs Council and the U.S. Department of State. Chris contributed to the O’Reilly Media book "Open Government".


Robert Hanacek

Founder, Developer

Robert co-founded IdeaLoop after leading the technology team at Rockfish Interactive, where he managed the implementation of several large projects. He’s a happy corporate cubicle refugee who built software for insurance companies, retailers, database giants, and small start-ups. With several titles of Slovak national swimming champion followed by a decade of competing as a member of the Slovak Modern Pentathlon team, Robert enjoys to spend his free time outdoors and moving.


Matthew Warlick

Creative Director, Designer

As Creative Director, Matthew brings more than 14 years of design and art direction experience to IdeaLoop. Prior to coming on board as Creative Director he was Art Director at Rockfish Interactive & Tribal DDB where he pushed pixels and became addicted to web, mobile, game, app and interface design. He’s also an accomplished illustrator and cartoonist, having done work for many small and independent publishers as well as his own creator-owned projects. Outside of IdeaLoop he enjoys creating art and comics, meditation and hanging out with his cat Jasper and dog Isis.


Shawn Camp


Shawn is an extremely passionate developer with more than 12 years' experience developing major applications for companies such as Walmart, Sam's Club, and P&G. Prior to joining IdeaLoop, Shawn was an Application Architect at Rockfish Interactive where he planned and developed the infrastructure behind key projects such as the Sam's Club mobile application and other websites. When he's not exploring the latest technology, you can always find Shawn with his wife and two young boys. If there was ever time, he would love to be a regular at the local golf course.


Abby Sims


Abby was lured into development through recreational gaming over 10 years ago when her guild wanted a website. Since then, she has become passionate about creating user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing websites and applications. Her mantra is keep it simple, get it done. Abby's most formative years were spent writing software in support of the electrical transmission industry for Southwest Power Pool. She more recently specialized in web, mobile, and social applications for mid to large retail organizations while at Rockfish Interactive, with considerable experience integrating with Facebook and Twitter. In addition to her career, Abby is family-focused. She and her husband enjoy raising three kids and herding two cats.


Suzanne Windhorst


Suzanne started her career as a marketing professional and was bitten by the technology bug after making some HTML changes herself as last-ditch effort to meet a deadline (successfully, she might add). Ever since then she hasn’t looked back, focusing initially on front-end development and then expanding her skill set to include middle-tier and backend development where she has honed her development skills over the past 10 years. Her experience includes website development for a variety of clients including Jack Daniel’s, Verizon, Dr Pepper and Walmart to building enterprise level applications and services for the healthcare industry.


Anna Vester


Anna is a passionate developer always learning about new techniques and technologies. She takes designers' breath away with super sharp HTML/CSS/Javascript skills, and lately began to tinker with server-side technologies such as Django and ASP.NET MVC. Outside of work, Anna loves to spend time with her husband, son and two dogs.


Michael Deleon


Michael graduated from the Art Institute where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Media Design. Along with his BA Michael also holds an Associate’s degree in Digital Imaging and Design from TSTC. Prior to IdeaLoop Michael worked at TNT Dental, Rockfish Interactive and Fossil as a front-end developer. Michael loves turning amazing designs into beautifully hand written and highly compliant code. When he's not reading up on the latest CSS trickery Michael likes to keep in shape by running various 5k obstacle mud races.


David Hudson


Prior to joining IdeaLoop, David worked as Senior Developer of Southern Bancorp where he developed mobile and desktop websites and applications for a billion dollar bank and several large nonprofits. David has been developing since the Mosaic browser and is responsible for bringing optical kerning to the web. His work has been featured by web giants like Jeffery Zeldman, Eric Meyer and The Next Web. At his core, David is a problem solver that will use any platform, language or database to get the job done. His hobbies include spending time with family, learning, public speaking, photography and world travel.

Mahsa Ghafourian

Mahsa Ghafourian


Mahsa loves bringing new and innovative ideas to the table while learning new technologies and techniques. Prior to joining Idea-Loop she was a software engineer at Google where she developed backend and frontend applications. Outside of work her hobbies include dancing, cooking, and brewing her own beer.


Eddie Flores


Eddie Flores is a longtime developer from the realms of .NET. Along his journey he spent a great amount of time working with mobile technologies such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone 7. In addition to the mobile space he’s taken an interest in learning more about embedded programming and setting up flexible continuous integration environments. He currently resides in Dallas where he can root for his favorite NFL Team, the good ole’ Dallas Cowboys. When he’s not on a computer he’s either watching a movie with his girlfriend and brother or getting distracted by his 7 year old son and 6 year old daughter.


Michael Bonds


Michael was born and raised in small-town Arkansas where before joining Idea-loop he worked as an Aviation Maintenance Technician and a Diesel Service Technician at Tyson Foods. He enjoys building user-friendly GUIs with jQuery and other JavaScript Libraries and is always itching to expand his coding expertise. He’s also an avid swimmer, soccer player, hunter, and all around gear head.

paul jones

Paul Jones


Paul graduated from East Tennessee State University where he earned a BS degree with a major in Digital Media and a minor in Information and Technology. He earned an AAS degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design (with a Specialization in 3D Animation) from New River Community College in Dublin Virginia. Prior to IdeaLoop, Paul worked at NAA Leads as a back-end developer and Stellar Studios as a front-end and back-end developer. He enjoys all aspects of Web Development, but his true passion is building stylish GUIs with jQuery and other Javascript libraries. He enjoys learning about new technologies and techniques in Web Development and Gaming. In his downtime he likes playing pool and racquetball.


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